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    Urban Planning, Birsfelden Harbour, Switzerland

    • Location
      Birsfelden Harbour, Switzerland
    • Category
      Mixed Use
    • Floor Area
      500’000m2 GSF
    • Year
    • Cost
    • Status
      Feasibility Study

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    VOLPATOHATZ together with Raumplan Wirz were commissioned by the Gemeinde of Birsfelden to produce a feasibility study, which investigates the future possibilities of the port of Birsfelden.

    One third of Birsfelden has been designated to the port and industrial zoning, which only makes 5% of the communal tax revenue. The study proposed a reduction in the port thus liberating areas for mixed-use apartments and commercial developments and extending the tramline.

    The aim of this study was to stop cantons from supplying new land leases until a new vision for the area had been implemented together with study ideas for the agglomeration program no. 3. The study was met with success when presented to the planners of the cantons, stakeholders, the port tenants and people of the Wirtschaftsoffensive Baselland.