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    Private Residence

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      Greenwich, Australia
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    The client required a new 285m2 residence to replace their existing house from the forties. The client lived on the property; therefore orientation and layout of all rooms were to follow a specific site based brief. Maintaining panoramic views towards the bay from the upper level living areas and balcony were of upmost importance; the main bedroom was subsequently positioned behind towards the street. A central stair connects the upper living to the ground level family room with access to a large deck and garden. The ground level bedrooms were set further back from the boundary to profit from the northerly aspect. The project incorporates advanced systems for efficiency including a bespoke rainwater tank below the deck making use of wasted space, solar evacuated tubing panels providing hot water to an hydraulic in-slab heating and a landscaped roof above the ground level study. The upper level highlight windows allow for ventilation and northern winter sun to warm the interiors and cut-off the summer sun. All windows are double glazed for optimal thermal insulation values and wall construction maximise warmth during winter months and remain cool during summer.


    • Client: Private
    • Architects: VOLPATOHATZ SA, Marco Volpato, Nicole Hatz, Axel Eichler, Frangiska Skiadas
    • Imaging: Filippo Bolognese
    • Planning Consultant: Kerry Gordon Planning Services, Kerry Gordon
    • Builder: Private
    • Structural Engineer: James Taylor & Associates, James Taylor
    • Hydraulic Engineer: Whipps-Wood Consulting Pty Ltd, Anthony Whipps
    • Geotechnical Engineer: Jeffery and Katauskas Pty Ltd
    • Environmental Scientist: Environmental Investigation Services Pty Ltd
    • Landscape Consultant: Botanica, Narelle Sonter
    • BASIX Consultant: BASIX Consulting Services, Andrew Porter
    • Arborist: Redgum Horticultural, Neville Shields
    • Surveyor: Dunlop Thorpe & Co.
    • Construction Certificate: Fitzgerald Building Certifiers, Paul Fitzgerald
    • Photographer: Richard Glover