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    New School, Zermatt, Switzerland

    • Location
      Zermatt, Switzerland
    • Category
    • Floor Area
      11’400m2 GF
    • Year
    • Cost
      CHF 40’000’000. -
    • Status

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    VOLPATOHATZ participated in a competition to design a new school for 600 students right in the centre of Zermatt in Switzerland for the Einwohnergemeinde Zermatt. The complex program required a kindergarten, primary school, day care, gym hall, auditorium, community rooms and reorganization of external areas around the building. The ‘V’ form foyer reflects the Zermatt valley combining culture and education, two crucial components of a student’s upbringing. The jagged facade profile was inspired by the rugged mountains of the area with the upper part of the window jutting out to provide sun protection and assisted by a concealed shading system. The building consists of two main bodies; a long and narrow upper structure includes the kindergarten, primary schools, day care, staff rooms and library and sits on a wider structure which has the community rooms, canteen, gym hall, auditorium and foyer. The whole building is accessible by neighbouring schools and community. A central u-shaped stair provides access to all levels and is opposite a breakout area also on every level with benches and planters for students to use as a waiting area. The entry foyer provides a visual and physical connection between the auditorium, canteen, community rooms and gym hall and transparency between the school and community programs. The auditorium is able to expand by using the foyer stairs, which connect the upper level canteen and community rooms. The gym hall and change rooms are below ground have windows towards the piazza and below the foyer stairs, which provide visual connection to the gym hall activities below.


    • Client: Einwohnergemeinde Zermatt
    • Architects: VOLPATOHATZ AG, Nicole Hatz, Marco Volpato, Letizia Pasello
    • Imaging: VOLPATOHATZ AG
    • Urban Planners: VOLPATOHATZ AG
    • Cost Planners: Ernst Baukostenplanung AG
    • Structural Engineer: Gruner Gruneko AG
    • Mechanical & Sanitary Engineer : Gruner Gruneko AG
    • Fire: Gruner Gruneko AG