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    Seoul Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal

    • Location
      Seoul, South Korea
    • Category
    • Floor Area
      2100 m2 GF
    • Year
    • Cost
      CHF 24'000'000.-
    • Status

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    VOLPATOHATZ and F&M Ingegneria collaborated on a competition for the design of a new Ferry Terminal and Pier Deck at the Yeoui-Nari in Seoul, South Korea.

    An important aspect of the Ferry Terminal and Pier Deck was to ensure both structures to clear the 12-meter high flood level. This was obtained by allowing the Ferry Terminal to move up and down hinged by two bridges, whilst the Pier Deck is raised allowing all its functions clear the flood plane.

    Public can access the Ferry Terminal via a long raised pedestrian bridge, which clears the flood levels. It starts at road level next to multi-level exchange Yeoui-Naru train Station and ends at the Ferry Terminal via an adjustable hinged and telescopic bridge. A secondary adjustable and telescopic bridge connects the ferry terminal at shore level preventing the terminal from rotating. Both move vertically when the flood level rises by 12 meters.

    Arriving onto the Ferry Terminal, people can walk up the ramped deck to reach the observation area or simply enjoy the view anywhere along the ramp. They can attend social events such as films, talks or to simply enjoy the open bar. The hybrid solution, which combines a terminal with a ramped observation deck, alleviates congestion particularly during major cultural and social events. Basically, it provides a solution whereby a traditional observation tower is laid horizontally in the form of a wide ramped deck. Ticket Office, Management, Safety, Security, Bathrooms and Gift Shop are all located within the Terminal. Chains connected to a pontoon at water level stabilize the Ferry Terminal.

    There are two Marina’s attached to the Terminal. A long Marina used for berthing of ships and ferryboats, is accessible via the Terminal. A second Marina for smaller yachts is accessible without entering the Terminal, convenient during non-operating hours. Long poles stabilize both Marina’s allowing them to move up in the event of a flood.

    Inspiration for the Pier Deck design was taken from traditional piers and decks that adorn the shores of many beachfronts and rivers around the world. The upper level Pier Deck is considered a raised Public Urban Piazza or Boulevard and aligns with the Road Yeouinaru ro thus connecting the city and Han River.

    People stroll, consume food or enjoy the 360-degree views. A few permanent structures such as bars and restaurants dot the Piazza, providing plenty of room for pop-up stores for growers market, fun-park, concerts and screening of films and cultural events. The lower deck will have permanent café’s, restaurants, bars, bathrooms and other tourist facilities and allow pedestrians to access the Ferry Terminal. With the exception of stairs and ramps, all stores, bars and restaurants to this Pier Deck remains above the water level during a major flood freeing up the shores of kiosks, which often damage the park grounds and are swept away from the flood.

    Existing pedestrian and bike paths along the shore remain entirely intact below the Pier Deck. Several large circular openings on the Pier Deck provide sun and rain to landscaped areas directly below at shore level.


    • Client: Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Development Center
    • Architects: VOLPATOHATZ AG, Marco Volpato, Nicole Hatz, Andrei Bodnar
    • Urban Planners: VOLPATOHATZ AG
    • Imaging: VOLPATOHATZ AG
    • Engineers : F&M INGEGNERIA
    • Cost and Economy: F&M INGEGNERIA