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    Community Hall

    • Location
      Morbio Inferiore, Switzerland
    • Category
    • Floor Area
    • Year
    • Cost
      CHF 3’700’000.-
    • Status
      Competition 5th Prize

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    The brief was to provide a new community hall located within the school precinct of Morbio Inferiore close to Mendrisio, Switzerland. The concept was to position the building to the north of the property forming a link between the city cultural centre and the surrounding school precinct. A large landscaped area to the south of the building provides public amenities to the hall with a separate area allocated for a future kindergarten to the south end of the property. A pedestrian path starting behind the hall connects the future kindergarten, the surround schools and the community storage to the south. The building is divided into two operational zones, the services to the north and the public areas to the south. The services such as plant room, bathrooms and change rooms are contained within a solid masonry structure whereas the public areas are enclosed by fixed and operable glass walls. Compact planning provide for an efficient layout without corridors and with a central atrium functioning as the main access point to all zones. At the core of the design was also functionality and flexibility. The idea was to provide a single volume, which engages with the surrounding context and community at large. The central hall and meeting room can be sub divided and new access points can be activated to form multiple rooms for various functions which can operated simultaneously. The stage has large operable doors, when opened, can address a ramped sitting area for outdoor concerts during the summer period. The external skin consisting of prefabricated concrete elements, draws influence from the woven fabric used to protect the surrounding vineyards, filters the light into the public halls. The entire building meets the Swiss Minergie requirements.


    • Client: Morbio Inferiore Municipality TI
    • Architects: VOLPATOHATZ SA, Marco Volpato, Nicole Hatz, Corinne Corioni, Frangiska Skiadas
    • Imaging: Filippo Bolognese
    • Structural Engineer: Cristina Zanini, Borlini & Zanini SA
    • Mechanical Engineer: Mauro Micheli, Studio Tecnico Mauro Micheli