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    Boutique Hotel

    • Location
      East Coast Road, Singapore
    • Category
    • Floor Area
    • Year
    • Cost
      SGD 10’000’000. -
    • Status
      On Hold

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    VOLPATOHATZ was commissioned to design a Boutique Hotel by readapting an old row of traditional townhouses close to the centre of Singapore. The concept was to maintain the original façade on the upper levels but add a new shop front spread over the ground level that were to include a bar, restaurant, gym and reception all interacting with the public at street level. The ground floor acts like a showcase for the hotel whilst the upper levels provide accommodation for guest with spas and breakout areas. The rooms are shaped to project a dynamic space but also maximise the number of rooms per floor without renouncing on comfort.


    • Client: Santa Grand Hotels
    • Architects: VOLPATOHATZ, Marco Volpato, Nicole Hatz