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    Residential & Commercial Development, Basel-Land

    • Location
      Birsfelden Harbour, Switzerland
    • Category
      Mixed Use
    • Floor Area
      28’000m2 GF – 27’000m2 Site
    • Year
    • Cost
      CHF 100’000’000. – Excl. Land
    • Status
      Concept Phase (SIA 112): 1-3

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    The 60-hectare Port area, which makes up a third of the Municipality of Birsfelden, is largely owned by the Canton of Basel-Landschaft. The commercial vision of the Canton takes into consideration its significance by prioritizing the port area within the area development program.

    First Phase Vision Study 2014
    The Municipality of Birsfelden is always interested in higher land values as well as better tax revenues. It therefore commissioned VOLPATOHATZ and Raumplan Wirz to provide a vision for the future urban development of the Port area. The study introduced a mixed-use are as well as an improvement in public transport sector by means of a tram extension and it also raised a debate on the future of community and Port Development. Property and building rights were taken into consideration when defining property uses and despite a reduced port, workspaces were preserved and it freed up attractive locations along the Rhine.

    Second Phase Area Development Study 2016
    A private investor commissioned VOLPATOHATZ and Raumplan Wirz to develop study of a large plot of land along the Sternenfeldstrasse in Birsfelden Harbour. The study proposes a 650 meters long building structure along Sternenfeldstrasse, Birsfelden. Commercial use and parking is on the ground and first floor is covered by an elevated platform called ‘Greenduct’ © VOLPATOHATZ with four long low-rise residential buildings. On one end, two residential towers connect with the ‘Hardwald‘ or Forest and the other end connects with the Rhine. The long strip of apartments along this spectacular ‘Greenduct‘© VOLPATOHATZ provides a separation from the light industry and traffic on the east side of the harbor area whilst connecting to the elevated gardens and sports fields to the west.


    • Architects: VOLPATOHATZ AG, Nicole Hatz, Marco Volpato, Andrei Bodnar
    • Urban Planners : VOLPATOHATZ AG & Raumplan Wirz GmbH
    • Imaging : VOLPATOHATZ AG