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    Residential Apartments

    • Location
      Mosman, Australia
    • Category
    • Floor Area
    • Year
    • Cost
      AUD 6’000’000. -
    • Status
      Development Application

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    VOLPATOHATZ was commissioned to design a private residence and a duplex apartment on two adjoining lots in the area of Balmoral Sydney, 200 meters from Balmoral Beach. Both sites enjoy views onto the ornamental Victorian Bathers Pavilion and water views beyond. The private residence has a more enclosed layout with living spaces and private areas connected to internal central courtyard which is shared on both levels. The entertaining areas on the ground floor to the private residence gravitate around the pool, providing a visual connection between them at any one point of the house. The family retrieve in more private areas on the upper level enjoying a semi enclosed courtyard and large terraces. The courtyard openings to both buildings, including above the pool, allow the cool air to rise by way of convection and cross ventilate the house. Both roofs are landscaped and solar panels supply enough energy to sell back to the grid. Special roof plants insulate the house during the harsh summer period and reduce the flow of rainwater into the storm water system.


    • Client: Private
    • Architects: VOLPATOHATZ, Marco Volpato, Nicole Hatz, Axel Eichler
    • Imaging: Filippo Bolognese
    • Planning Consultant: Design Collaborative Pty Ltd, Harvey Sanders & Ben Haynes
    • Structural & Hydraulic En: SRIV Engineering Pty Ltd, Bill Ryan
    • Geotechnical Engineer: Jeffery and Katauskas Pty Ltd
    • Landscape Consultant: Botanica, Narelle Sonter
    • Environmental Scientist: Environmental Investigation Services
    • BASIX Consultant: BASIX Consulting Services Pty Ltd, Andrew Porter
    • Arborist: Redgum Horticultural Pty Ltd, Neville Shields
    • Acoustic Consultant: Renzo Tonin & Associates
    • Surveyor: Eric Serri & Associates Pty Ltd, Eric Serri
    • Construction Certificate: Fitzgerald Building Certifiers, Paul Fitzgerald