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    New School, Binningen, Switzerland

    • Location
      Binningen, Switzerland
    • Category
    • Floor Area
      28’200m2 GSF
    • Year
    • Cost
      CHF 40’000’000’000. -
    • Status

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    VOLPATOHATZ participated in a competition to re-organize an existing school campus located within the town centre of Binningen, Switzerland. The proposal, which included two new buildings for primary and kindergarten with below ground parking and sport facilities, provided a compact and efficient solution to the current urban planning situation.

    Residential towns located close to major cities in Switzerland are now able to increase their densities. Supported by local governments like the Municipality of Binningen, large residential properties can be dissected into smaller allotments. The downsizing is also a response to the higher land costs and the desire to have a smaller garden now compensated by the pedestrian and bicycle paths and the many local Municipality parks.

    As often the case, the expansion of an existing school campus is not always possible in a manner that allows connectivity between buildings often compromising the school program. Similar to the current urban strategies applied to the residential area of Binningen, the proposal for the school campus was to place the entire competition program into two single buildings, separated by a football field. The compact solution thus liberated a large portion of the property for future expansion of the school and other community and residential buildings during the second phase of the development.

    Additionally, a through link for vehicles and parking was placed below ground, next to the primary school, thus providing car access to the school and surrounding neighborhood. This leaves a traffic free zone area above ground, which provides a pedestrian friendly environment and more landscaped and recreational areas for the school and public.


    • Client : Municipality of Binningen
    • Architects: VOLPATOHATZ AG, Nicole Hatz, Marco Volpato, Andrei Bodnar
    • Urban Planners : VOLPATOHATZ AG & Raumplan Wirz, Nicole Wirz
    • Landscaping: Paysage, Karine Grand
    • School Consultant : Werkpol, Adrian Regenass
    • Civil and Plant Engineers : Gruner AG, Peter Wünsch
    • Imaging: VOLPATOHATZ AG