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    Kindergarten Molino Nuovo

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      Lugano, Switzerland
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    The competition required a new kindergarten school and multi-function hall on a parcel of land adjoining a proposed green line that extends from the lake of Lugano and ends at the stadium Cornaredo.

    The concept was to spread eight sections over two levels each with their individual entrance and two main entrances spread evenly along the length of the building. Each individual section consists of a relaxing room next to an active room, which can be shared by two classrooms via sliding doors, also a dining area, a wardrobe and toilets. Directly opposite each section are covered and uncovered play areas, however all students can have access to an enclosed landscape area for tricycles and other recreational sports.

    As a public building, the multifunction hall was positioned between the green line and public amenities such as football and basketball courts.

    The City Council of Lugano is currently considering the implementation of a green line, which promotes pedestrians use whilst allowing only local residents to access to their homes. The concept was to blur the line between the green line and public amenities such as the multi function hall and recreational area by filtering benches, paths and trees. An undulating road was proposed along the green line to provide traffic calming.

    The brief also required the whole development to be built into phases allowing the existing school to operate during the construction of a new school, multi function hall and external amenities.


    • Architect: Marco Volpato, Nicole Hatz, Frangiska Skiadas, Cristina Casada
    • Engineer: Cristina Zanini