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    • Location
      Carona, Switzerland
    • Category
    • Floor Area
    • Year
    • Cost
      CHF 1’500’000. -
    • Status
      Competition 1st Prize, Completed

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    Project video

    Project video


    VOLPATOHATZ was invited to join a competition for a new kindergarten in the small town of Carona just 15 minutes from centre of Lugano. The prerequisite for this kindergarten of 25 children was to enable speedy construction with the use of prefabricated elements for the entire building all to Swiss Minergie standards. VOLPATOHATZ won the competition with a proposal for an all-compact building on one level that could easily be transformed from a kindergarten to a multifunction Community hall. Large openings were placed towards the south with a continuous roof overhang that allows winter light to warm the two classrooms and refectory and provide a covered area for children to play when it rains. A helicopter was used to install all prefabricated timber elements into position shortening the construction time from excavation to final completion in only 5 months. The total project, from documentation to formal inauguration by the Minister for Education, took only 13 months. The building complies with strict Swiss Minergie standards all-inclusive in the efficient cubic construction cost of CHF 800. – (BKP 1,2,5)


    • Client: Mayor Stefano Bernasconi, Carona Municipality TI
    • Donation: Gabriele Charitable Foundation
    • Architects: VOLPATOHATZ SA, Marco Volpato, Nicole Hatz, Corinne Corioni, Frangiska Skiadas, Axel Eichler
    • Structural Engineer: Cristina Zanini, Mariagrazia di Pilato, Borlini & Zanini SA
    • Mechanical Engineer: Mauro Micheli, Studio Tecnico Mauro Micheli
    • Electrical Engineer: Giacomo Balerna, Elettro Studio Nicoli SA
    • Minergie Consultant: Roberto Wullschleger, Romina Pozzi, Atelier d'Architettura e Consulenze Tecniche Wullschleger Sagl
    • Imaging: Filippo Bolognese
    • Timber Prefabrication: Laube SA
    • Photography: Luciano Bignotti
    • Video 1: Studio B&B Multimedia Productions, Luciano Bignotti
    • Video 2: Ruben O'Malley

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