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    Residential & Commercial Development, Zollhaus, Zu

    • Location
      Zurich, Switzerland
    • Category
      Mixed Use
    • Floor Area
      9’000m2 HNF
    • Year
    • Cost
      CHF 40’000’000. -
    • Status

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    VOLPATOHATZ participated in a competition to design a new residential and commercial development for the cooperative Genossenschaft Kalkbreit parallel to the railway of Zurich. The project consists of a cascade of three buildings, each with 3, 5 and 6 levels and all connected by a common platform on the first level. A key point for this development was to achieve an holistic view of the environmental and economic factors and social sustainability. The proposed concept therefore represents a major departure from the present day model by providing a social theme throughout its many uses: residential, hotel, offices, kindergarten, cinema, retail, café’s and restaurants. The two larger buildings have long spacious foyers on every level with windows from their kitchen and living areas to promote users of all ages to engage and socialize. It promotes a sustainable lifestyle by providing families with a place where one can live, work and play all under the same roof thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Together with a kindergarten and car sharing program, it promotes an efficient lifestyle, an ecological mobility behaviour and minimized land consumption per capita that residents user groups are able to contribute towards the 2000-Watt society. The structure is flexible in its layout and the complete dismantling of components also makes it viable when decommissioning is due. Architecture and design have been synthesized to not only make an ecology and sustainable contribution, but to show that simplicity can be beautiful. The whole project is an attitude of sufficiency.


    • Client : Genossenschaft Kalkbreite
    • Architects: VOLPATOHATZ SA, Nicole Hatz, Marco Volpato
    • Imaging: VOLPATOHATZ SA, Martin Horvat
    • Urban Planners : Nicole Wirz Schneider, Raumplan Wirz Gmbh
    • Structural Engineer : Cristina Zanini / Andrea Bernasconi, Borlini & Zanini SA
    • Mechanical & Sanitary Engineer: Bernhard Gasser / Stefanie Ressmann, Team GMI
    • Fire : Borlini & Zanini SA